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GIẢM BÉO AN TOÀN KHÔNG PHẪU THUẬT- Giảm 25% tại Linh Sing hair salon&spa



Ultra cavitation low-calorie technology after Korea joint ultrasonic and RF resonators resolve aid womankind have a slim form rapidly and securely than ever beforehand .Diet SAFE HOSPITAL - 25%


    Ultrasound breakers determination card complete the coating , crucial to the correct profundity , strength and impression incidence fitting to both film of fat , as fat prison cell produce hotness feelings vibrate melt fat ... fat after breakdown resolve be removed as of the figure by usual separation method .

Corn taygiam extremist light fat cavitation

    Accent Radio Occurrence ( RF ) is a new knowledge using electromagnetic get-up-and-go to effect subterranean deposit of fat , blister fat to create heat . Hotness generated though exciting collagen proliferation , progress plasma flow in residence , squeeze the casing , the face, collar hardening ... magnitude Outcomes abdomen, behinds , thighs ... ascended unhappy , the hot thaw fat jawbone , membrane knowingly diminish the creases ... This knowledge too resolves the tricky of unfastened skin after liposuction dipped or convex .

flexible slimming stomach fat debauched singgiam safety

      Star of low-fat Cavi dazed the drawbacks of the prior group low-fat mechanism , would not be fat over . This skill fixes not injury connective tissue , collagen, flexible strands are top guard that copies sagging covering later action .


                                    beogiam lessen belly fat

     Thanks to the astounding consequences that Cavi -Star expertise has attained warranty for care and efficacy through the firm morals mandatory by FDA ( Safety Activity of the U.S. pharmacological and diet ) and CE ( European ideals ) .diet thighs


     Cavi -Star by you to attain quick fat forfeiture goalmouths wanting excessive consumption abstinence , no agony , no low-fat capsule , decrease frame fat and gore honey , progress blubbery liver illness , cumulative full wellbeing .


Bariatric Measures at Chant Ling mop barbershop & spa is done as follows :


Step 1 : Checked the rank of the wastewater dealing and ingestion poison

Step 2 : Rub on unguent and acupressure light deadly wastewater

Step 3 : Use vibrator unstiffen fat matters .Phase 4 : Use RF burn fat

Step 5 : Use ultrasonic timbre and dissolve fat excretion .Period 6 : Shawl the hot area, or use an electrical extensive to stole hot form and poisons out of the physique .Period 7 ; drinking water, noxious waste and cream .



      After a sequence of 10-15 sittings successfully reduced by 6-8 cm .

 back fat low-fat monggiam beogiam



( The value pertinent to the service after 08 uphill . Solitary package positive 25 % . )

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